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Jilin - Wikipedia
In ancient times, Jilin was inhabited by the Xianbei, Sushen, the Mohe, Jurchens, and the Wùjí (勿吉). The Korean kingdoms of Buyeo, Goguryeo and Balhae ruled ...

Jilin City - Wikipedia
Jilin City (postal: Kirin; Chinese: 吉林市; pinyin: Jílín Shì; Wade–Giles: Chi 2-lin 2 Shih 4) Is the second-largest city and former capital of Jilin province ...

JiLin China - jl.gov.cn
·The Central Propaganda Group Came to Jilin to Propagandize ... [11-10] · Jilin Province Arranges and Deploys This Winter and Next Sp... [11-10] · Jilin Province ...


Toggle navigation JILIN CHEN. Design . Architecture; Web Sites; Geometry; Mapping; Contact; About

Jilin – Wikipedia
Jilin , tidigare känt som Kirin (kinesiska: 吉林; pinyin: Jílín), är en provins i nordöstra Kina som gränsar till Nordkorea. Den har en yta på 191.038 km² ...

Study In China - csc.edu.cn
Jilin University (JLU) has eight campuses in six districts which are home to forty-three colleges covering thirteen academic disciplines, including philosophy ...

Home - College of Engineering
The College of Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez (UPRM) is one the largest of its kind in Puerto Rico.

恒大集团吉林公司 - jlcc.evergrande.com

Maps of China - China City and Province Maps
maps of china. large clear maps showing cities, borders and highways.

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